Friday, November 04, 2011

Animated Neon FEAR

Desarrollar at CPR_12/2010_Collaborative Gallery Exhibit and Dance Performance

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


©2010 Self portrait silver fiber print photographs

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bridle_2010 no sound

Carousel ©2010 __Carousel is made up of three unrehearsed spontaneous monologues. The video is based on the the idea of ego and of hearing oneself speak to the sole end of evaluating ones own articulation and content. Multiplying the egos by four creates a collision of words that creates a different content, thereby negating the original intent of each ego.

Javier: Painting

Javier: Painting, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

20x16 oil on wood panel

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Love/Fear Animated Neon

love/fear neon, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

Love and Fear Neon:
24" x 10"
Fear slowly dissolves into Love
then repeats the cycle

The Gift of Love ©2007

The Gift of Love uses appropriated image and sound and suggests the complications of love.
©2007 Color and sound. Single channel video.
Duration: 3.5 minutes.

Ego Cross Animated Neon

EgoCross, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

Ego Cross Neon:
20" x 12"
The cross is iluminated for 12 seconds, then Ego slowly fades up in the vertical bar of the cross while the horizontal bar of the cross fades out. repeat

Under Heaven: Video still

Under Heaven, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

Under Heaven. 2002
Under Heaven shows an authentic mental process of break down and vulnerability.
Color No sound. Single channel video.
Duration: 7 minutes. Color No sound.

Under Heaven

Under Heaven

From Wear to There: Video installation still

From Where to There, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

From Wear to There. 2002
From Wear to There shows three conservatively dressed women doing sit ups. They begin “put together” and slowly come apart physically and mentally
The sound track is a steady drone.

Three channel video projection. Each panel 8-10 feet wide. When all three panels are together they form an open triangle. The experience is for the viewer to be drawn into a kind of escalating madness of repetition, visual and sound.
Color and sound.Three channel video projection.

Duration: 7 minutes.

From Wear to There: Video installation still

Ascension: Video still

Ascension, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

Ascension. 2002
Ascension shows a man with another man on his back walking up a never ending flight of stairs. The two men; dual personalities of the same man, struggle with the weight of the day to day in an upward climb.
Color and sound. Single channel video.
Duration: A continuous loop.


Cycle: Video still

Cycle, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

Cycle. 2002
Cycle concerns emotional states that lead to cyclical behavior. Indulgence, that leads to the frustration that eventually leads to resolve and then within time, starts over again. A self imposed destructive cycle that results from projected expectations and disappointments.
Black and White, no sound.Three channel video projection, each panel 3-4 ft. wide.
Duration: 3 minutes.


Incomplete Aum: Video still

Incomplete Aum, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

Incomplete Aum. 2003

Incomplete Aum evokes the tension inherent in attempting to find a balance between the spiritual and physical.
Color and sound. Single channel video installation.
Unfinished drawings of the aum from the shoot scattered beneath the podium holding the monitor.
Duration: 50 minutes

Incomplete Aum

Mesmerism: Video installation still

Mesmerism, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

Mesmerism. 1997
Mesmerism is a flight of fancy contrasting and merging the language of the mind and the language of the body.
Color and sound. Three channel video. One projection, two monitors.
Duration: One hour.


Portrait Drawing Series

The drawings are a distillation of the psychological moments in her video work. Seeing the hand and the material in her work is an integral part of the energy of the overall portrait. She works the drawings methodically like the process of painting, heavily layering graphite to clay board producing a highly reflective surface, making the image illusive at certain angles.

Self Portrait: Drawing

self portrait, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

Self Portrait
11x14" graphite on clay board

Santé: Drawing

sante, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

11x14" graphite on clay board

Erin: Drawing

erin, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

11x14" graphite on clay board

Gary: Drawing

emile, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

11x14" graphite on clay board

Self Portrait 2: Drawing

self portrait 2, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

Self Portrait 2
11x14" graphite on clay board

Untitled Flag: Drawing

untitled flag, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

Untitled Flag
11x14" graphite on clay board

Monday, September 13, 2004

Absinthe: Drawing

Absinthe, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

11x14" graphite on clay board

Hakan: Drawing

Hakan: Drawing, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

20 x 16" graphite on clay board

Benoit: Drawing

benoit, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

11x14" graphite on clay board

Linda: Drawing

Linda, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

18x24" graphite on clay board

Stockton: drawing

Stockton: drawing, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

14 x 11" graphite on clay board

From the Hematite Collection

from the hematite collection, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

From the Hematite Collection
Wine glass, glass ashtray, glass slab with steel razor blade
Acrylic lacquer and pigment
New York City 2003.
Hematite; a mineral, having important qualities in relation to the body and the mind. Used by native Americans
as a remedy for alcohol abuse, and mental focus. It increases the effectiveness of logical processes of the brain,
increasing mental function, improving memory, logic, creativity, mental dexterity and focus.

Fluorite Meditation Glasses

Fluorite Meditation Glasses, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

Fluorite Meditation Glasses.
2003 (from the Crystal Series)

A pair of safety glasses finished in simulation Fluorite.

According to Crystal Healers, fluorite is excellent for the advancement of the mind, it promotes greater concentration, and is used in meditation. It helps one to grasp higher, more abstract concepts. It facilitates inter dimensional communication.


Desarrollar, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

Desarrollar. 1994
Engraving on a braclet. A spanish verb that means continous growth. flux.

Gucci engraving

Gucci engraving, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

Gucci Whore Girl. 1994
Engraving on the buckles of a pair of Gucci loafers.

Bataille night light model

Bataille night light model, originally uploaded by lschwamb.

Bataille night light 1998
1/2 scale model of a night light.
An exposed light bulb hanging precariously from a wooden box. The box is engraved with lines from Georges Bataille’s Blue of Noon.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Soon to be Posted

1. The Linda Portraits: ten 11" x 14" graphite on clayboard drawings
of Linda.
2. Bar Bathroom Portraits: eight 48" x 60" photographs taken in the same bar bathroom.
3. Neon bed side table lamps: In progress. aprox. 12" w x 7" h series of animated neon bed side lamps.
3. Contemplating Men: In progress. 23" x 35" graphite on clayboard drawings of people in contemplation.